Procedures and other details

When you have made an appointment to view and the property has been offered to you for let you can proceed further as set out below.

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Application Form (Word)
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What will it cost:
You will not need to pay an introductory fee but certain costs need to be covered:
Once you have found a property that you would like to rent and in order for us to grant a tenancy it is necessary for you to complete our standard tenancy application form and provide us with a cheque payable to Bullock & Co towards the cost of the completion of the letting agreement, preparation of inventory and schedule condition and placing the deposit in a Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme.
A fee per Applicant (one individual/husband & wife) £150, each additional applicant a further £75.
This fee is non refundable but should your tenancy not proceed we will provide any necessary information requested by another letting agent or landlord. You will need to supply us with the following information on your application, current address, employer or accountant if self employed, current landlord if applicable and a character reference.
All initial payments are required to be made by cleared funds prior to taking possession, by cash or bankers draft. Upon acceptance of your application all paperwork and an inventory will be prepared.
Part furnished - generally means the property is provided with carpets and curtains only, although in certain instances appliances exist in the kitchen (details can be found within the guide).
Fully furnished - will usually include all major items of furniture, kitchenware and in some cases bedding and towels, it is however necessary at the time of your viewing to check with us what exactly is included.
The Tenancy Agreement
The Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document between yourself and the landlord and applicable only to the property you are renting. Your agreement will be an Assured or an Assured Shorthold tenancy under the Housing Act 1988 and is required to be for a minimum six month period unless otherwise agreed in writing.
If you wish to stay on in the property tenancies are frequently renewed after the initial period. If you are likely to leave before the end of the original term break clauses should be negotiated before entering into the original agreement, if not you will be responsible for the rent until the end of the term agreed.
Utility Services
Bullock & Co will read the gas, electric and water meter meters where applicable and confirm these readings within the inventory and subsequently inform the relevant utility companies of the change of occupancy and meter readings. We will also inform the appropriate local authority to confirm the change of occupancy.
Telephone & TV License
It is up to the incoming tenant to inform British Telecom that the line needs to be changed to their name. It is important that you do not have the telephone number changed or the service disconneded. You also need a TV licence for your new home and this can be obtained from the Post Office.
Future Payments Of Rent
All rent is due monthly in advance and we will provide you with a Standing Order Mandate to enable you to set up a standing order and ensure the rent is paid monthly thereafter on the anniversary date on which you move in.
The Landlord is responsible for insuring the buildings and his own contents although it will be your responsibility to insure your own contents. We also recommend that you include accidental damage insurance in case an accident causes damage to the Landlord's property, which could seriously affect your security deposit.
At the End of a Tenancy
You must ensure that you have fulfilled all your obligations as stated in the tenancy agreement and leave the property as you found it or deductions will be made from your deposit.
After an inventory and condition inspection, provided there are no missing items or damage and provided that all bills incurred by you at the property are paid, your deposit should be returned to you shortly after leaving the property. Your deposit is held in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme information of which is sent to you at the beginning of your tenancy. The Term and Conditions.